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About 4 Business Inc
Company was founded in 2001 to open new frontiers in the Caribbean Countries by implementing simple but innovative approaches to common businesses.  
4 Business Inc have designed and run several successful business ventures related to forest and agricultural industries, construction and food vending and most recently gas to liquid plants, GTL. We have always incorporated machinery or equipment of our own design or find new usages of a common product to provide the market edge. 
Rolando Ruiz del Vizo Owner
Professional Associates
Bilingual individual that has evolved as an industrial processes integrator, devoted to the research and implementation of alternative solutions to create sustainable and expandable production programs. 
Base on his life experiences, he proposes smaller production centers that are easily replicable and geographically deployable to overcome the economies of scales paradox and open large economically inaccessible production markets to a less affluent crow of investors. His unique amount of skills and experience on different industries makes him a Swiss army knife of ingenious competitive proposals. 
Our projects are open to collaboration from investors and their network, but we also have an adequate list of professional from our circle of business. Additionally we always seek collaboration from reputable organizations involved in the area of the project.
Committed to ecologically friendly projects
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