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4 Business Inc at Dominican Republic
    Our company has moved forward on the development of a sustainable Agro Industrial community base on sweet potato (Ipomoea Batatas) to produce animal feed, Vodka and gruits (beer).
   Is our firm believe that a successful sustainable community starts with a   profitable crop and dignified homes for the local farmers, only possible by integrating the agriculture with the industry that creates micro entrepreneurs dedicated to supplying the needs of a pre-stablished market.
Sweet Potato
Eco-Shell Houses
GTL unit on truck
Social Responsibility Programs
    With the needs of the rural communities  in mind and our present limited resources, we decided to start programs to expose and train local people on the construction of affordable domes houses to mitigate the housing needs of the rural areas.

Alternative Fuels
    On our quest for cleaner alternative fuels, we venture into ethanol, biodiesel, syngas and most recently into portable Gas to liquid plants that converts natural gas directly into ultra low sulfur diesel, jet-fuel or naphtha. These micro GTL petrochemical plants hook up directly to the gas source of preference such as, gas wells, pipeline gas or flare gas from a petrochemical plant or an off shore platform. 
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel
Normal diesel and clear GTD ULS diesel
Natural Gas
Directly into
Liquid Fuels of 
Ultra low Sulfur



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